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Black & White Cards with a POP of Color

I LOVE making cards, and the A2 size (or thereabouts) is my favorite… enough space for a little message, but not so much space that I feel I have to write a short novel.  So, when I was making cards for my summer camp alumni group the other day, and...Read More »

Gator Hat

I recently found out that the mascot of my summer camp – the Gator – was replaced with a pretty, albeit generic, nature scene.  The gator had been around for 33 years!  Generations of campers see our gator and think of our camp.

So, I am on a personal mission...Read More »


I saw this adorable guy, and knew I wanted to make him for one of the little people in my life.  Then my friend had a baby in May.  I was already working on a little sweater for the new one, and decided this Socktapus would be a cute...Read More »

Quilled/Embossed card

I hadn’t done any quilling in a good, long time, so with summer coming to a close, I decided to bust out some strips of paper and see what I could do.  I had originally planned to give this to a colleague whose school colors are yellow...Read More »

Baby Sweater with Blooms

My very good friend was expecting her second child, another girl. We don’t get to see each other often enough at all… it’s been years now. But I wanted to do something special for her, especially since she’s always doing nice things for me. I’ve made this...Read More »

Love the Life You Live

My cousin had this saying up on his wall at work and posted as a favorite quote on his FB page. I decided to make it into a hat 🙂 And I had to use Green and White for this Spartan family!

US-3 for ribbing
US-4 for pattern

CO 100 stitches...Read More »

Pop-Up Card

Sometimes I get bored with the cards I make, no matter how pretty or cool they look.  I just want to add another dimension to my designs.  I want them to really POP!  That was the case this past year, when I wanted to make a card for a...Read More »

Route 66 Birthday Card

Making cards for girls/women is so much easier.  Card-making just lends itself to being foo-foo.  But I feel bad that I make my Mom cards for every occasion, and leave my Dad card-less, or with a store-bought one.

So for this birthday, I racked my brain trying to come up...Read More »